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Being strictly limited to UK CBT practitioners who are accredited by BABCP or AREBT, is at once among the UK’s most exclusive therapist directories in terms of who can be listed and among the most accessible in terms of search engine coverage, flexibility and ease of use.

But as an accredited CBT practitioner appearing in a CBT-exclusive directory, you can do more: registering directly with the site gives you full responsibility for the contents of your listing and — as explained in the comparison table showing the differences between basic listings and fully registered listings — enables you to add hundreds of words of additional information to your profile, a photo or practice logo, social networking links, and more.

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Our Payment System

We currently accept payment via annual PayPal subscription, and our registration procedure is fully integrated with their system. When registering, your financial data are not shared with us in any way: your subscription agreement is entirely between you and PayPal and is administered by PayPal. If you should decide not to continue your listing after the first year, it’s no problem; just cancel your PayPal subscription at any time, and your listing will remain in place until the end of the full year-long period.

(For practitioners who are unable to use PayPal, we also accept payment via Bitcoin. Please contact us for details.)

We generate directory database updates on a rolling basis throughout the year, approximately every one to two weeks. This means there is no deadline for registration: you can register at any time, and your profile updates will appear automatically with the next database udpate.

If you require listings for more than one physical location, it’s easy to set up. Our system enables listings at different physical locations to display different practice focus areas, fees, etc. It also ensures that the second listing appears in all our relevant results lists for those areas. (A geographically distinct second listing is not a mere extra listing; for most practitioners, a second listing means they appear a couple of hundred additional times.)

For the purposes of managing a second listing, we do just need to ask you to register again with a different email address to enable our system to distinguish the two accounts. Your public-facing email address, if you choose to show one, can of course be the same.

Verification Against the Register Maintained By BABCP and AREBT

All registrations for will be verified against the register maintained by BABCP and AREBT. If you are not accredited by one or both of these organisations, or if for whatever reason they do not list you as such, please do not initiate the registration procedure on Registrations which cannot be verified by reference to the register maintained by BABCP and AREBT will be rejected and payment refunded, less a £15 administration fee.

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